Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Trip to Toei Kyoto Studio Park/Anime Museum

Let my photos take you to Toei Kyoto Studio Park

at the entrance you will see some mini stalls where you can play around and take some pictures

me playing around.. hehehe

want some tempura?

a replica of an old chest where the old generation put their golds or money

want some sake?

village' entrance gate

replica of the old generation's first class hostess

just playing.. LOL

entered in one of the old house and played with the tea cups.

Here, you can rent some costumes and walk around the village
They also have some makeup artists to do your geisha makeup
It costs ¥10,000 for the costume, hair and makeup if I'm not mistaken
Didn't have the time to try it though because my husband was always in a hurry.

Our lunch: Miso ramen with tsahan and gyoza set

FYI they are not gays. 
One of their friends couldn't stop laughing because a lot of tourists wanted to take pictures with them.  Ehem! including me...

One of the stage actors

The most used old bridge in Japanese samurai movies

old market with plastic fish and veggies

And now, I'll tour you inside the Anime Museum

at the entrance

I asked my hubby to take some pictures of me over the roof and "face in hole" ninja boards before we leave.. 

Thank you for you time reading my blog..

Please come back soon for more Photos of Japan Tourism


  1. ohmygosh its like a paradise to me xD really love anime :D

  2. I went to this place last year. I took some pictures as well. I dressed up too. You should see them once I upload them...


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