Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Me and My Husband Went to Watch MIB3...

Last Monday, my husband and I went to watch MIB3.

That was our first time to watch movie together.  As in just the two of us. 

The movie was about to start at 8:45 but we arrived earlier so we had a chance to take purikura.  Purikura is a photo machine where you can decorate your photo and print it in a sticker paper. 

....purikura makes your eyes look bigger and your skin looks so flawless in photos.

Here is the purikura we took that day...  My husband is a very private person and he doesn't want his photos to be seen in any of my blogs or facebook so I have to cut it....
I hope you understand...

Okay back to the movie!

I bought a set of drink and popcorn before we enter.. 

I chose my drink to be in the MIB3 tumbler costs 750円 and I got a free cute Kewpie MIB3 key chain .

MIB3 tumbler and MIB3 Agent Kewpie.. Soooo Cute!!!

It was my very first time to watch a movie here in Japan.  

There were lots of do's and dont's showed in the screen before the movie started.

Some of those that I can remember are as follows:

*Find your nearest fire exit.
*You have to turn off your phone.
*Cameras are not allowed.  There is a penalty of 1,000,000円 if you get caught.
*Avoid talking.
*Avoid kicking chair in front.

Sorry my brain is not in the right mood right now.  I can't remeber all... hahahaha!!

After those reminders, there were just a couple of short movie commercials before the movie started.

I can't hear anyone talking!  Really!

Japanese were so concentrated to the movie. 

There were some funny parts in the movie and I have to cover my mouth when laughing because I don't want to be a scene stealer if you know what I mean!

It was such a great movie!  

Watching movie alone with my husband for the first time is another memory I could treasure for the rest of my life!

How about you?  Have you watched MIB3 already?  Who did you watched it with? 

Fun Facts:

MIB3 stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones guested in one of Japan's TV program and gave each hosts a Rayban MIB shades.

Thank you for your time reading my blog.

See you on my next post!


Friday, May 25, 2012

I Got a Free Lighter from Marlboro Menthol Edge / Marlboro Black Menthol Edge Campaign

Hello there!!

So My last post about the Marlboro Menthol Edge 1 got a lot number of views so I thought you might also like this post. 

I forgot to tell you that Marlboro Menthol Edge 8 also exist.

The size of cigarettes and packaging are also the same with the Menthol Edge 1.  The only difference is the amount of tar.

So the Marlboro Menthol Edge 1 and 8 are now in the market.  They were released last May 14,2012.

  I can see it everywhere.

Have you tried any of the two already?

Now, this post is about the free lighter that comes with the cigarette. (Only in Japan )  Price is still the same.

The lighter looks so cool and I want to share some photos with you.

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1 with free lighter.

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1's Free Lighter
 Cool huh?!

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1's Free Lighter

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1's Free Lighter

Oh yes! It's refillable!

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1's Free Lighter

Marlboro Menthol Edge is having their campaign collaborated with Saglife at the moment.  There is a 12 digit code inside the box that you will register in Marlboro's site through your cellphone.  The code you entered would be your ticket to some awesome prizes.

***The following photos below were stolen from and I do not claim it as my own.***

So here are the prizes you could win....

Below are some free stuffs that you could also get along with the Marlboro menthol edge..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

Oh what a lovely morning it is!

I went to the beach this morning to have some walking exercise. 

Just wanna share some beautiful views with you today.....

Got this shades free from a local Japanese magazine

Wanna Have Some Japanese Breakfast?


ebi to ika no itamemono (bought from 7eleven)



steamed rice

Thank you for your time.  See you on my next post =)

I love comments you know.....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Trip to Hiroshima

What I brought on our trip
ダウンダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン
Hello Kitty Mineral Water

e-ma fruity candy

beautiful scenery on our way

tunnel.. just thought it would be cool to take a picture of this ...hehehe

We stopped at Odani Service Area to answer the call of nature ( this is how we call it in the Philippines as substitute for the word " pee " ) and to ask for a free map as well beacuse we forgot ours.しょぼん

Carp souvenirs

hello kitty face in hole board

my husband asking for a free map and detailed direction.

Cool Lego Chef  Statue

The Lego Chef in zoom...

coffee vendo machine

Food court menu

choose the food- buy the ticket from the machine- give the ticket to a staff- sit and wait your order. As simple as that

Information machine

lots of vendo machine


First Stop: Kamu no Sato Rokutan in Sera Town
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Our Lunch...
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Mu husband's lunch- wild pig and rice balls

My Lunch - sushi rolls, grilled fish, kunsei (smoked egg), and my hello kitty bottled water.

Second Stop: Sera Yurien
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Third Stop: Sera Kougennojo - Tulip Season

Then we stopped in Miyajima Service Area to have dinner and buy some omiyage and souvenirs before we go home.

We ate our dinner in this ramen restaurant with an eye-catching big bowl of ramen with moving chopsticks. 

My dinner.

Kaki Miso Ramen / Miso Ramen with Oysters

Sui/yude Gyoza

Gyoza no tare/ Dipping sauce

There's no Starbucks Coffee Shop in my place so my eyes popped when I saw it in Miyajima.

Oh! How I miss Starbucks coffee shop!  The smell, the taste, the ambiance....

My ever favorite: Caramel macchiato


I hope you enjoy this mini photo tour of ours.  See you on my next post =)


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