Friday, May 18, 2012

Marlboro Menthol Edge 1

My husband got a free sample of  the new Marlboro Menthol Edge 1 in our mailbox this morning.

It's my first time to see this so I thought it would be cool to blog abou this.

Marlboro Black Menthol Edge 1

Marlboro Black Menthol Edge 1 - slim type

Tar-1mg Nicotine-0.1 mg

The box is half the size of a regular cigarette box.

My husband used to smoke Pianissimo Precia super Slims so I asked him what he feels about this cigarette.
He said, " It is good! I'm impressed " ( he said it in Japanese..)

" How about the taste? " I asked.

He replied, " It smells good so the taste has a big impact for me. "

I asked him to rate it from 1 to 10...

...and he rated it 8!

Lastly, I asked him if he is interested to purchase this in the future.

" Maybe. " he replied.

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