Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Trip to Hiroshima

What I brought on our trip
ダウンダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン
Hello Kitty Mineral Water

e-ma fruity candy

beautiful scenery on our way

tunnel.. just thought it would be cool to take a picture of this ...hehehe

We stopped at Odani Service Area to answer the call of nature ( this is how we call it in the Philippines as substitute for the word " pee " ) and to ask for a free map as well beacuse we forgot ours.しょぼん

Carp souvenirs

hello kitty face in hole board

my husband asking for a free map and detailed direction.

Cool Lego Chef  Statue

The Lego Chef in zoom...

coffee vendo machine

Food court menu

choose the food- buy the ticket from the machine- give the ticket to a staff- sit and wait your order. As simple as that

Information machine

lots of vendo machine


First Stop: Kamu no Sato Rokutan in Sera Town
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Our Lunch...
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Mu husband's lunch- wild pig and rice balls

My Lunch - sushi rolls, grilled fish, kunsei (smoked egg), and my hello kitty bottled water.

Second Stop: Sera Yurien
ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン ダウン

Third Stop: Sera Kougennojo - Tulip Season

Then we stopped in Miyajima Service Area to have dinner and buy some omiyage and souvenirs before we go home.

We ate our dinner in this ramen restaurant with an eye-catching big bowl of ramen with moving chopsticks. 

My dinner.

Kaki Miso Ramen / Miso Ramen with Oysters

Sui/yude Gyoza

Gyoza no tare/ Dipping sauce

There's no Starbucks Coffee Shop in my place so my eyes popped when I saw it in Miyajima.

Oh! How I miss Starbucks coffee shop!  The smell, the taste, the ambiance....

My ever favorite: Caramel macchiato


I hope you enjoy this mini photo tour of ours.  See you on my next post =)


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  1. I love these trip photos! I want to see more, but I'm tired and my eyes need sleep. Good night!


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